An organization is only as strong as those members who support its goals. Through the efforts of our committees, we continue to serve our membership and enhance an environment of professional development.

We need your time and talent to continue our success. If you can help, contact the committee chair or click their "Join this committee" link.

Achievement of Excellence (AEP) Committee

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Kim Gould, Chair 

This committee will be determined by the National AEP Committee.  TxPPA has two seats on this Board.  These two members will serve as co-chairs and be responsible for organizing the awards portion of the breakfast on Friday of the Fall Conference. 

Communications Committee

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Houcine Chraibi, Chair

There shall be a Communication Committee, consisting of a Chairperson and at least two (2) other members.  The committee shall be responsible for all internal and external mass communications for the Association.

Conference Committee

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Melissa Lee, Chair

There shall be a Conference Committee, consisting of a Chairperson and at least two (2) other members.  This committee shall be responsible for working with the management company to plan and organize the Conference(s) as determined by the Board.

Constitution, Bylaws and Policy Committee

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Teresa Smith, Chair

There shall be a committee, consisting of a Chairperson familiar with the Constitution and Bylaws, and at least two (2) other members.  Annually this committee will review the Constitution and Bylaws and bring any recommended changes to the Board meeting during the Momentum Conference.  The Board will review these changes and determine what will be taken to the membership for approval at the Fall Conference.

Finance Committee

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Victor Castillo, Chair
There shall be a Finance Committee, consisting of the Treasurer as the Chairperson, and at least two (2) other members, to assist in preparing the annual budget, and conduct the annual internal audit. 

Legislative Committee

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Cindy White, Chair
Joe Scott Arledge, Co-Chair
There shall be a Legislative Committee, consisting of a Chairperson and at least one (1) member from each: county, municipal, and school agencies, for a minimum of four (4) members.  This committee shall be responsible for monitoring, reviewing, and reporting relevant legislative issues to the membership.

Membership Committee

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Jaye Latch, Chair

The Membership Committee Chair is appointed by the President.  The committee shall consist of at least three members. The primary objective is to promote TxPPA through a continued effort to retain existing and secure new members.


Nominating Committee

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Cindy White, Chair
The Nominating Committee shall consist of not less than three (3) members including the Vice-President and two regular members of TxPPA appointed by the President. The Chairman shall be the Vice-President. The Committee shall receive and evaluate nominations from the membership regarding individuals recommended for candidacy.


Professional Development Committee

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Alan Phillips, Chair
There shall be a Professional Development Committee, consisting of a Chairperson and at least two (2) other members.  This committee shall be responsible for surveying and reviewing the education and professional development needs of Association membership, coordinating educational and professional development training for the membership, and coordinating certification-related educational programs with other organizations. 


Scholarship Committee

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Kristi Shaw, Chair
The Scholarship Chair is responsible for gathering scholarship applications and determining a means to fairly award scholarship.  Currently a metric system is used and point values are assigned to determine those winners.

Special Assistance Committee

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Kelli Davis, Chair

Special Assistance Chairperson will be responsible to provide assistance to any governmental entity requesting purchasing expertise in setting up a new purchasing department/division or any other purchasing related request. More Information...

Texas Municipal League Liaison

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Tim Slifka, Chair

The TxPPA Board of Directors shall appoint a liaison to serve on the TML Board of Directors for a period of two years.  

Texas Unified Procurement Code (UPC)

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David Setzer, Chair

The UPC Committee will continue to work with interested stakeholders to further the creation and adoption of a Unified Procurement Code for Texas. More Information...